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亚愽体育官网客服|深度:湖人10年后重返总决赛 从科比到詹皇带货为王
发布时间:2021-10-09 01:20:01

Original title: Depth: The Lakers return to the Finals after 10 years, from Kobe to Zhanhuang


It took 10 years for the Lakers to return to the Finals, which is a bit long for the history of the Los Angeles Lakers.


The last time the Lakers stood on the stage of the Finals, it dates back to 10 years ago. In the last era of Kobe's glory, in June 2010, they and the Green Army's first Finals battle was the end of the Kobe era. The beginning is also the beginning of the post-Kobe era, and they have been struggling for ten years since then. The Lakers even missed the playoffs last year before returning to the Finals.


In the history of the Lakers, there is rarely a rare low period, even if they can accompany the last place-the Celtics won 11 championships in 13 years from 1957 to 1969, and the Lakers were shamed five times. But still can't change the Lakers' status as the league's mainstream core team. In the 1970s, the Celtics only won twice in 1974 and 1976. After that, the Celtics returned to the finals in the 1990s. It took nearly 20 years to become the greatest in history. Of the two teams, the Celtics have a much longer history than the Lakers.


But the Lakers are different. It should be said that the league likes to see the everlasting Lakers. Even the losing side, the Lakers can be expected. As a stepping stone to the great kings in history, after officially announcing their way to Chicago in 1991, the Lakers quickly waved their flags and shouted. After owning O'Neal Kobe Jones and Exel, he tried to make a comeback. In the post-Jordan era, the Lakers have established their status as a direct team in the league. Even if they were swept by the Spurs in the shrinking season and swept by the Jazz before, they still let the Lakers stand in a more prominent position. On this point, and The Lakers have James 20 years later, but they still miss the playoffs but still stand in the center of the stage.

但是湖人是不同的。应该说,联盟喜欢看到永恒的湖人。即使输了,湖人也可以期待。作为历史上伟大国王的垫脚石,在1991年正式宣布前往芝加哥之后,湖人队迅速挥舞着旗帜并大喊大叫。在亚愽体育官网客服拥有奥尼尔·科比·琼斯(O'Neal Kobe Jones)和埃克塞尔(Exel)之后,他试图卷土重来。在后乔丹时代亚愽体育官网客服,湖人队已经确立了他们在联赛中直接球队的地亚愽体育官网客服位。即使他们在萎缩的赛季被马刺队席卷而之前被爵士队席卷,他们仍然让湖人队站在更重要的位置。在这一点上,湖人队拥有詹姆斯已经20年了,但是他们仍然错过了季后赛,但仍然站在舞台中央。

Every move, you can move your whole body. This is the difference between the Lakers and the low-key Greens. For example, the Greens applaud, but the Lakers can always be popular, like the Knicks. The superiority of holding one's own people is different. The superiority of the Lakers is "Great Harmony." Everyone wants to swarm them. See what happens, they are big traffic users in this era. And the way the Lakers select their core players is also a connoisseur of goods. In the past 30 years, O'Neal, Kobe and James have been absolutely first-class or even ace topic figures, storms in the core area, league weather vanes and barometers.


When the Lakers gave Kobe a two-year contract of 48.5 million in 2014, they have decided to sacrifice the time in the next few years and bring them into the Lakers entirely with "topics." In those years, everyone was waiting to watch Kobe's tour. The first star to start this kind of tour after Jordan. Kobe's entire 2016 season was a show. For the Lakers, they have enough confidence to waste time, squander, and rebuild. It is true that in those few years, the Lakers lost many young talents, including Ingram and Ball, who were later traded, and Clarkson, Randall and Russell before them. They may all become the cornerstone of the Lakers team. , But the change of fate by trade is also popular in the history of the Lakers.

当湖人队在2014年向科比提供了一份4,850万美元的两年合同时,他们决定牺牲未来几年的时间,并完全将他们带入湖人的话题。在那些年里,每个人都在等待观看神户的巡回演出。乔丹之后的第一位开始这种旅行的明星。神户整个2016赛季都是一场表演。对于湖人来说,他们有足够的信心浪费时间,浪费时间和重建。的确,在那几年中,湖人队失去了许多年轻的才华,包括后来被交易的英格拉姆和鲍尔,以及之前的克拉克森,兰德尔和罗素。他们都可能成为湖人队的基石。 ,但是通过贸易来改变命运在湖人的历史上也很流行。

In the past 40 years, the Lakers' championship template has been inseparable from trading. In February 1980, the Lakers and the Cavaliers completed a deal, using role player Don Ford and a first-round pick of the year (the 22nd pick) in exchange for the Cavaliers' 82-year first-round pick and role player Butch Lee As a result, the Lakers' draft pick became the No. 1 pick, won "Cobra" James Worthy, and became one of the core figures of the dynasty in the performance era.

在过去的40年中,湖人队的冠军榜样与交易密不可分。 1980年2月,湖人队和骑士队完成了一笔交易,使用角色球员Don Ford和当年的第一轮选秀权(第22位),以换取骑士队82年的第一轮选秀权和角色球员Butch Lee结果,湖人的选秀权成为第一顺位,赢得了“眼镜蛇”詹姆斯·沃西,并成为表演时代王朝的核心人物之一。



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